Sell House Fast - Is Cash Offer a Good Choice?

Most people in this day and age are looking for ways to quickly sell their houses. There has been a large number of home foreclosures over the course of the past few years and most people can't wait to get out from under them. As a result, many of them are trying to find traditional real estate agents that will assist them in selling their homes. Unfortunately, these traditional real estate agents aren't interested in selling any property quickly - they want to see you stay in your home as long as possible. You probably don't want to be one of those traditional real estate agents.

In order to sell a house fast in today's market, it's important to have a cash offer, otherwise known as a "Buyer's Notice". This is a document that is given to the seller by the buyer who intends to close the home. The buyer will also be asking for either an "As-Is" closing, meaning that the house isn't really sold because the buyer hasn't found anything to do with fixing it up or making any other arrangements.

What many people don't understand is that traditional real estate agents are not in the business of selling homes. They are in the business of collecting a commission on the sale of homes. If you've ever seen a real estate agent give a prospect a list price for a home without telling the prospect about any of the potential problems (if there are any) then you have experience with this. These types of listings are often used by real estate agents just to attract potential buyers. If they have nothing to do with selling the home, the listing makes little sense. Know the fastest way to sell my house as is today!

On the other hand, the traditional real estate agent is concerned with selling the home as fast as possible. In order to do this, they must ensure that a proper closing takes place. In order to do this, they must close on time and in as little time as possible. A common problem that occurs is that the seller wants to close as soon as possible and the real estate agent will agree to this offer. Unfortunately for the seller, in order to close as quickly as possible, they often end up sacrificing many of the potential benefits of the selling process. The seller will also be subject to the headaches of a foreclosure proceeding that would not have been a factor if the home had been properly closed in a traditional manner. Look for more facts about real estate at

In today's market, there is an alternative for real estate agents who want to sell a house fast - they can offer a cash offer (sometimes called a post-closing cash offer). This option has become very popular in the last five to ten years. Sellers who use this method to sell their property will not close on time, and they also do not submit any paperwork to the lender. In fact, they may not even submit an offer to the lender at all!

Most people who use cash offers to sell their house fast are selling to family or close friends. The benefit to them is that they pay cash and avoid the lengthy and drawn-out process of closing. Unfortunately, many real estate agents who are trying to sell a house fast will not accept cash offers and will instead submit a standard Real Estate Association form to the seller explaining why the buyer should purchase the property at the pre-closing sale price. Sellers who do this are missing out on a great way to get multiple offers from interested Oklahoma house buyers with cash and that can only benefit the buyer who actually gets the house sold.

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